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Instructors Esther Saiz and Jennifer Pacheco. 

Come play with Mrs. Jen, Mrs. Esther, and all of your little Fundamentals Friends! 


FIAR2 is a super-fun class with crazy science experiments, silly math games, outdoor scavenger hunts, and best of all…messy crafts that you would never do at home!  


Each week, we use the Five In a Row curriculum concept of literature-based learning by choosing a wonderful classic picture book to read aloud, and use it as a guide to teach Social Studies, Geography, Language Arts, Math, Science and Art, in a fun and engaging way. 


The specific design of the Five In A Row curriculum is for a parent to read a classic literature book all 5 days in a week, then use the characters and elements of the story to teach various subjects in a fun a relatable way. Because we only have 1 ½ hours in class, we have condensed the curriculum so that we read one great book and incorporate 2 - 4 different subjects into crafts, games, songs, and/or even cooking projects during class. 

Five In a Row (FIAR) is a wonderful way to learn Language Arts, Geography, Social Studies, Applied Math, Science and Art, in an entertaining way, through play, that causes children to fall in love with learning through great books!  

$150 each semester with an additional $25 deposit/supply fee per semester. 

​Contact Jennifer Pacheco or Esther Saiz for more information or to register.


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Building Writers 

2nd -4th

Instructors Esther Saiz and Jennifer Pacheco.

We have combined two curricula to create a fun and engaging beginning writing class that your child will love.

Five In A Row curriculum was designed to introduce children to great classic literature. The concept is to read a great book all 5 days in a week, then to use the characters and elements of the story to teach Math, Science, Geography, Literature, Social Studies, Art and Grammar in a fun a relatable way. 

Building Writers Learning Without Tears is a curriculum that introduces basic writing skills to develop more fluent writers as they write about cross-curricular topics and practice three types of writing styles: narrative, information, and opinion.

Since we combine these to amazing curricula, we have condensed both into one fun and engaging class. We will read one great book and work together to discuss the topic, characters, and setting, then summarize the story so that your child can copy and write the summary in their writing journals. We also discuss geography, social studies, proper grammar, punctuation and may do an art project or science project too! This class is designed to introduce your child to the basics of writing and to help your writer transition into IEW Beginning Writing flawlessly.

Two books are required for this class: Learning Without Tears, Building Writers Book C (teal-green) and Learning Without Tears Writing Journal C (teal-green).  Both Learning Without Tears Books can be purchased on their website (or anywhere LWT is sold).


$150 each semester with an additional $25 deposit/supply fee per semester. 

Contact Jennifer Pacheco or Esther Saiz for more information or to register.



Science FUNdamentals

Vendor for most community providers

Instructor:  Bernadette Gonzalez

Assistant Instructor:  Alyssa Gonzalez

(4th- 8th grade)


The title says it all!  We are going to make science FUN!  Stressed about teaching real science in your already busy schedule?  Don't have the time or space for the prep that goes with this amazing subject?  Leave the planning to us. 


FUN Science will take your student on a journey through the rain forest, down into the human body, and out to the interstellar medium.  We will explore the basics of Life Science, Chemistry, and Physical Science over a three year period in order to provide a solid middle school science foundation. 


Except this class will have a twist.  It is our belief - as mother and son with 15+ years of experience - that science is best studied with hands-on experiments.  We have culled the best projects we have worked on as docents at the Aquarium of the Pacific, students at City of Hope Saturday Science, and partners at the Natural History Museum to stir a passion for STEM and scientific learning.  Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dive into dissections, chemical solutions, and circuits in this exciting hands-on class.

Chemistry (2021-2022)


This is a FUN class, packed with in-class projects and experiments to excite students' minds about science.  All work will be completed in class with optional reading available for those students who want to drill deeper into subject matter.  Worksheets to accompany science experiments will be provided and completed in class for home and Charter School samples. 


$200 per semester + $25 Lab Fee (private pay)

$250 per semester + $25 Lab Fee (charter funds)

**Discount is given when class fee is paid in full before the beginning of each semester.**

A $20 deposit is required to hold a child's spot in the class. 

Space is limited due to the hands-on nature of the class, so contact Bernadette Gonzalez to reserve your student's spot.



Instructor:  Claire Scotti

Do you love all things LEGOS? Then join us for LEGO FUN! We welcome LEGO builders of all levels and all ages. 

***Parents of Kindergartners must remain in the class for safety reasons.**


Each week we will use our creative skills to build cityscapes, robots, space stations, moving vehicles, marine and forest habitats, and so much more.  We will also engage in building challenges which will encourage teamwork and learning through play. It wouldn't be a FUNdamental’s class without a few LEGO games and "free build" days too!


Students do not need to bring LEGOs, but they are encouraged to build their own creations at home to share in class each week.  


FEE:  $100 per semester and a $15 deposit to hold your child’s spot in the class.


To register or for more information, contact Claire Scotti


Instructor:  Annika Lang 


What is “Gameology? It is “the art of using games to learn or study.” Shhhh! Don’t tell them they are learning! Each week the students will play cards, board games or group games to review or learn skills
in math, English, vocabulary, history, science, art, geography and even logic. It is an hour of FUN & GAMES!  (Grades 3rd-8th) $25 / month.  Contact Annika to register 


Medieval History

From Rome to the Reformation

Taught from a Biblical Worldview

Instructors:  Rebekah Mackie and Claire Scotti

Grades K-8th

Mrs. Scotti and Mrs. Mackie are back with another FUN history class though literature and hands on projects. This time we will “travel” around the world, beginning with Ancient Rome and ending with the Reformation in Europe. Kids will learn about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the launch of the Church, the exciting world of Vikings, kings, queens, castles, knights, scientists, artists, and much more (year two of the classical history rotation). We try to include at least one picture book in each lesson, and enrollment in the class will also include an optional recommended literature list for parents to read chapter books at home to enrich the students’ learning. Due to the biblical, Christian perspective of the class, we cannot accept charter funds for this class. Cost: $225 per semester, plus a $25 registration/supply deposit

Contact Rebekah Mackie & Claire Scotti to enroll.

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World Geography ~Exploring Countries and Cultures

Instructor:  Claire Scotti

Grades K-8th

Maps, globes and new countries, oh my! Come travel the world with Mrs. Scotti as she continues her weekly adventures to distant lands. 


The purpose of this geography enrichment course is to provide students with a broad and rich understanding of the world around them. In our excursions across the seven continents we will study the landforms, cultures and environments of different countries through map skills, hands-on-projects, living books, food, music and more! Each student will create a passport filled with lessons from their epic travels, present a “Christmas Around the World” project and make artwork based on the incredible places we explore. 



FEE: $200 per semester plus a $25 deposit to hold your child’s spot in the class. 

For more information, contact  Claire Scotti

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Beginning Writing

Sky Mountain & Excel Vendor

Instructor:  Carrie De Francisco

IEW LEVEL A: (Grades 3rd-7th) 

TEXTS: All Things Fun and Fascinating by Lori Verstegen

Fit It Robin Hood (book 3) by IEW

Using IEW book All Things Fun and Fascinating, students will learn how to write how to paragraphs, research reports, narratives and expository essays. Students will be introduced to IEW tools such as key word outlining, banned words, dress ups, and sentence openers. Students will learn grammar, parts of speech and punctuation rules through games, class activities, and completing editing exercises in Fix It: Robin Hood Book 3

As with all of Mrs. De's writing classes, classes will begin and/or end with fun games to review grammar and punctuation rules, and students will have plenty of opportunities for speeches and presentations.  This class truly is a FUN and Fascinating class to take!

Grades 3rd-7th,

$200 per semester (private pay)

$250 per semester (Sky Mountain & Excel)

**Discount is given when class fee is paid in full before the beginning of each semester.**

Contact Carrie De Francisco to enroll.


 Spanish FUNdamentals

Instructor:  Annika Lang

Grades K-3rd GRade

Spanish FUNdamentals is a FUN introductory class to help K-3rd learn Spanish. We will learn through games, songs, crafts, books, coloring and more! Students will learn, basic conversation, colors, numbers, months, days of the week and more! $100 per semester. 

Dance Studio

Dance Basics


Vendor for most charter schools

Instructor: Anita Fischer       

Assistant Instructors: Madelyn Fischer & Hannah Jaffe

TK -4th Grade

​Does music make your child sway? Does your child bounce all around the house making up their own crazy dances and moves? Come and join us, and learn the basics of all kinds of dance, musicality and movement. Let's have fun moving together. Props will include Tambourines, scarves and ribbons. Performance opportunities will be offered.

15 week session (TK -4th Grade) 

$1600 per semester (private pay)

$200 per semester (charter funds)

**Discount is given when class fee is paid in full before the beginning of each semester.**

To register for the class, contact Anita.

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Beginning Art

Instructor:  Gina D’Elia

Vendor for most charter schools

Grades 1st -5th

This class has been designed to teach young children basic drawing skills using different mediums through this Art activity-based class. The students will be introduced to the “Elements of Art” (Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Texture, and Value) while being given the opportunity to explore, create, and most importantly achieve results. Every year, new pieces are created to teach new and returning students, engaging and dynamic masterpieces of art!

In "Beginning Art," young students will go on a creative journey to discover that they can pick up a pencil, wherever they are, and begin drawing.

The pleasure of drawing is in the adventure itself, it's a question of learning to see, really see and having fun doing it!

$175 per semester (private pay)

$225 per semester (charter funds)

**Discount is given when class fee is paid in full before the beginning of each semester.**

To register, contact Gina.

Painted Squares

Meet the Masters Art Program

Vendor for most charter schools

Instructor:  Rebekah Mackie

Come discover the life, works, and techniques of 10 master artists in this hands-on, art history course. Students will watch a multi-media presentation where they observe the works and discover the life story of each artist. Then they will keep a notebook about each artist and create a project in the style of that artist using a variety of art media while learning vocabulary and drawing techniques. Parents will be impressed at the next, art museum field trip when their children can say, “Look Mom! That was painted by Degas!”    For a preview of the art work the students will create, visit MTH Website


Grades 1st -8th. 

$200 per semester (private pay)

$250 per semester (charter funds)

**Discount is given when class fee is paid in full before the beginning of each semester.**


To register, contact Rebekah Mackie.   

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From Page to Stage Productions

Broadway Style Theatre that Glorifies the Lord

Instructor / Director:  Rebekah Mackie  

Students will experience performing in a Broadway Style Show in an atmosphere that brings glory to God in all that we do. They will learn about the audition process, acting, stage presence, singing, harmony, blocking, and choreography.  The end of the 2nd semester will culminate with a live performance.  


Grades K-12th grade . 

Wednesdays from 9:00-10:30. 


$150 fall semester & $50 spring semester (sibling discounts available).   

During the school year, additional costs per student will include:  purchase or rent a costume (approx. $35-100 depending on role casted),  purchase a cast t-shirt and food/ drink item to the concession stand for show.  


To register for the class, contact Rebekah Mackie