for 2022-2023 FUN Classes

**Each student must be registered with FUNdamentals first before enrolling in classes.**

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Join our FUN Family!

BEGINS MAY 1ST, 2022:  Online ONLY

Open Enrollment and Online Registration for NEW Families begins MAY 1ST.​

Would you like to join us next year? 

Contact Carrie De Francisco directly to receive instructions and guidelines. Registration is not complete and classes are not guaranteed without initial verification with the director.  

Join our Open House.  Visit our FUN classes.  Talk with our FUN instructors.  Come with some of your friends who are already FUN students.  Hang out with them and check out all of the FUN!  Visit our Art Gallery on Tuesday and watch our Little Mermaid Preview on Wednesday.  It will also be "May the 4th Be With You" Day.  

Tuesday, May 3rd & Wednesday, May 4th



  1. Contact Carrie De Francisco directly to receive your 2022-2023 FUN Registration forms, instructions and guidelines.  (

  2. Read all of the forms.  Sign the forms and submit with all of the necessary materials.

  3. Once your student is officially registered with FUNdamentals, you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours with directions on how to enroll your student in the classes you want.  You are not automatically enrolled in classes when you register for FUN co-op. You must contact the teachers directly.

**Before enrolling in any FUN class, you must first be officially registered with FUNdamentals Co-Op.**


**FUNdamentals is NOT a school, a PSP or a vendor.  

We are a co-op of homeschooling families who learn together.  

We support an independent study model and offer educational, core, enrichment, and supplmental classes to support parents and kids in their educational journey. We are not a legal covering nor do we keep student records.**