Location & Campus Rules

Learning is more fun when everyone is safe!  
Thank you for helping keep FUNdamental classes FUN!


Hill’s Church

805 North 1st Ave, Arcadia, 91016

FUNdamentals's Co-Op classes are located in Fellowship Hall and on the first floor and second floor of the Education Building (EB). Signs will be posted on classroom doors to help direct you.  If you have any questions about class locations, feel free to contact individual instructors.

Rules & Guidelines

1. Parking is available in the church’s parking lot.  Please park within the lines and observe the entrance and exit arrows.  PLEASE reserve the coned off area for play area.

2.   Lunch and snacks can be enjoyed in the beautiful patio, church porch area or on the grassy front lawn.  PLEASE do not run up and down the stairs.  

3.  Please throw trash away in proper trash receptacles.  If you have any questions about lunch guidelines or parameters, please feel free to ask our Campus Hostess, Carrie De Francisco.


4.  There is absolutely no running or screaming in the halls or on the staircase. The bathrooms are to be used for their intended purposes only.  


5.  Please do not allow your student to wander the campus unsupervised.


6.  NO PETS are allowed on campus. This includes dogs, cats, turtles, chickens, birds, etc. If you are walking to class with your dog, please do not bring the dog inside the gates.


7.  Please do not use roller blades, scooters or skateboards on campus.  If you ride your bike to FUNdamentals, please “park” it in a safe place during class hours.


8.  Hills Church is a smoke-free zone.  This includes vapes and oral difusers for essential oils.


9.  C3 rents the entire facility on Wednesdays, however, there are other ministries and church personnel working on Wednesdays in other parts of the church. Please be mindful and respectful of this.

***If your family repeatedly breaks one or all of the rules, you will no longer have the privilege of attending classes on Wednesdays and you will not be allowed to register for classes in the future.**​

Parental Supervision

FUNdamentals is NOT a drop off program. It is a Co-Op. 

  • If your student is 13 or younger, you MUST stay on campus with your student.Little ones must be escorted to the bathrooms. If there is room in the classroom, please help the teacher with classroom management, passing out materials, cleaning the room after class, removing trash, vacuuming the carpet, etc.

  • If your student is 14 or older, you may drop him/her off. However, we are not responsible if he/she leaves the campus. Parents need to promptly pick up their student when the class is over. His/her teacher may not wait with your child if you are late and Mrs. De is required to stay on campus until all students are picked up.  PLEASE BE PROMPT.

COVID 19  Guidelines & Sick Policy

In order to attend classes in person and to be on campus at Hills Church, parents MUST sign and follow FUNdamentals COVID Guidelines / Liability Forms and Sick Policy.

  • COVID 19 Form and Guidelines:  Read and sign.

  • Sick Policy:  Read and sign.

*** No student, parent, or family member will be allowed on campus or in classes if these two forms are not signed and on file.***